Yum Thai home of the Secret Menu

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Two Menus.jpg (43366 bytes)Yum Thai Secret Menu.   Chili Sauce.jpg (45573 bytes)Yum Thai Chili Sauce                  Beef Salad.jpg (90339 bytes)Beef Salad

Beef Salad2.jpg (80822 bytes) Beef Salad                      Tofu.jpg (69842 bytes)Deep-fried with ground chicken.  Tofu2.jpg (70373 bytes) Tofu.

Hamburger Helper.jpg (71938 bytes) Thai Menu Lard Nar with beef (aka  Thai hamburger helper)                Snapper.jpg (72620 bytes)  Snapper w Chili sauce.

Yum Thai 'Secret Menu'


Thai Aree Home of the Secret Garden

Thai Aree Garden7.jpg (142352 bytes) Thai Aree Garden                            Eddie and Zim2.jpg (101260 bytes) Eddie (Thai Aree owner) and Zim   

 Peppers.jpg (52505 bytes) Doesn't get fresher than this.           Beef with Garlic.jpg (67224 bytes)   Grilled Beef with garlic 

larp2.jpg (79746 bytes) Larp with fresh peppers and herbs.  Larp3.jpg (78328 bytes)Larp (pork)

Nue Num Tok.jpg (77987 bytes) Nue Num Tok                                Nue Num Tok2.jpg (79938 bytes) Charcoal Beef 

Green Chicken Curry2.jpg (54649 bytes)Green Curry (chicken)                      TA2.jpg (82676 bytes) Thai Aree

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