Scott sent me a photo essay of the first cook with his new WSM. I knew he would be a natural, but this is really excellent. 
By the way, he took the pictures with a new (holiday gift from his wife) digital camera, not bad pictures for the first time out with a new camera either. 

Smoking in Chicago,

Scott's First Cook on the WSM


Here are the pictures from my first BBQ. Thanks for all the help, it turned out great and now everyone is spoiled. They like it better that any other chicken. I numbered the photo's and give a brief description. The chicken didn't get the red/pink ring I was hoping for, but I will get better. Michael has placed an order for rib's on Thursday. I think that's' next.

Click on image for full sized picture

SBO1.jpg (85419 bytes) 1. The Briquettes arranged per your instructions     

SBO2.jpg (69454 bytes) 2. The Chickens

SBO3.jpg (77436 bytes) 3. The lighting of the briquettes

SBO4.jpg (82404 bytes) 4. The beautiful orange glow of the fully lit briquettes

SBO5.jpg (114857 bytes) 5. The lit briquettes spread evenly per your instructions

SBO6.jpg (60450 bytes) 6. The water and foil

SBO7.jpg (106279 bytes) 7. The WSM pre-chicken

SBO8.jpg (66026 bytes) 8. The WSM and it's prey...the chicken

SBO9.jpg (101238 bytes) 9. The WSM with the chicken inside

SBO10.jpg (89639 bytes) 10. The chicken at the turn over

SBO11.jpg (138234 bytes) 11. The finished product

SBO12.jpg (82466 bytes) 12. The first cut

SBO13.jpg (117587 bytes) 13. The others waiting for their turn

SBO14.jpg (114959 bytes) 14. The lovely and taste platter