Chowhound Keralan Dinner Hosted by Mike and Susan G

Click on image for full sized picture. 

Number One.jpg (91606 bytes) Chowhounds are Number One in Carolyn's book. 

Rene Saki Seth.jpg (97500 bytes) Rene, Saki, Seth

Where is the FOOD.jpg (342417 bytes) George, with Rene in backround

11 23 no wait 22 11 oh heck.jpg (75597 bytes) Mike wondering how he ended up with 1,800 dollars in 5's

Chowhounds.jpg (60456 bytes) Arika, Arika's husband and Chowhound. 

Chowhounds2.jpg (79556 bytes) Chowhounds hard at work

Jim, David, Mike.jpg (100795 bytes) Jim, David and Mike with their own personal stash of wine. 

Chowhounds3.jpg (61882 bytes) Friends of Mumon's, whose name has slipped my mind. 

EllenKeralan.jpg (68866 bytes) Ellen looking gorgeous, as usual. 

Setting Up Keralan.jpg (72920 bytes) Men from Malabar setting up dinner. 

Salad.jpg (85511 bytes) Salad for Chicken cutlet

appetizers3.jpg (68230 bytes) George, Andy, Zim

Uzhunnuvada/ Chutney for Uzhunnuvada/Salad for Chicken cutlet/Chicken Cutlet

Appetizers2.jpg (76200 bytes) Sue, Rene, Arika, Erika's husband, Son of Zim

Dinner.jpg (60412 bytes) Marlabar considerately named all the dishes. 

Dinner2.jpg (58091 bytes) Unfortunately there are no pictures after the food was uncovered, I could not get close enough. <Smile> 

Let the Keralan begin.jpg (73477 bytes) Let the Keralan Begin!

Carolyn Arika.jpg (77461 bytes) Carolyn, Arika. 

Conversation.jpg (68696 bytes) A friend of the Hammond's, Tony (of Western suburbs posting fame) and Selange. 

Our Host.jpg (86893 bytes) Our Host. 

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