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Crab ginger and scallion.jpg (75122 bytes) Crab dry stir fried with ginger and scallion.  Clams in black bean sauce.jpg (65880 bytes) Clam with black bean sauce

Crispy skin chicken.jpg (58431 bytes) Crispy skin chicken                Fresh and dried squid.jpg (87312 bytes) Pan fried noodle with mixed seafood

Fresh and dried squid3.jpg (77304 bytes) Mixed seafood with pan fried noodle   Pan fried rice noodle with duck.jpg (61528 bytes) Pan fried noodle with duck

Pan fried rice noodle with duck4.jpg (68095 bytes) Pan fried noodle with duck    Shrimp with curry.jpg (56288 bytes) Shrimp with curry.

LTH Chowhound 2.20.03    LTH Chowhound 2.20.03

LTH Clams in Black Bean Sauce Evil Ronnie Style.

Thor G turns LTH into a Mosh Pit. <smile>

LTH Andy Farwell 6/29/04

  Lion Head Fish (Staff Dinner, which Mrs. Ling kindly shared with us .

  The flesh was white, very mild with a full fish flavor, but not in the least fishy.

Light soy with ginger and scallion. 

  Simply perfect Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Crisp pan fried rice noodle w/deep fried chicken head.

Andy with 'friend'


11.30.05 LTHers with Louisa Chu



12.23.06 Ellen, Scott, Mary Kay, Michael, Annie





4.13.09 Ellen, Steve, Alan, Mr. T

Betty and Raymond w/GNR Renewal Certificate

Gary, John K Ellen Mr. Tilapia Steve Z

Alan Lake J K and family

Pot Stickers Shrimp Toast Dry stir fry blue crab w/ginger and scallions

Salt and Pepper Shrimp Szechwan String Beans

LTH Clams in Black Bean Sauce Evil Ronnie Style. 

Braised Beef Stew w/curry Casserole

Rice noodle w/roast duck and BBQ pork