2017 South Wells, Level 2
Chicago, IL 60616

Ellen, Evil Ronnie, The Lovely Donna

Tuna Sashimi w/blood orange marinade Crisp Calamari w/berry vinaigrette

Spinach Udon w/King Crab Crème Backfin lump crab ravioli and leek crème sauce

Watercress and pea sprout w/strawberry

Kobe Beef broth and tomato Chicken broth and caramel corn creme w/spicy Asian croutons

Wild Columbia Sturgeon Thai Land Black Tiger (chicken wrapped shrimp w/manila clams/edamame broth)

Kamo, Margaret [sic] duck breast and Sea horse served with rice cakes

Kuro Buta, wild black pork with green mussel pate, gobo pan sauce

Wagyu Beef with spiny lobster mashed potato

Valrhona chocolate, Frormage [sic] Blanc gelato

Uncle John's BBQ

Seahorse I brought home.

Second visit


Green tea cheesecake with wasabi syrup and warmed bananas rolled in panko

Coconut milk and lemongrass panna cotta with cherry sake "soup"