Mandarin Kitchen
2143 S Archer
Chicago, IL 60616


Mandarin Kitchen's Chinese name is Da Jiang Nan Bei which, according to ReneG's friend, means "All over the country"

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Fish with Seaweed (Co-owner Aide Shang said the fish filet was yellow ocean fish from China. Other owner is Liu, who also owns barbershop in Chinatown Sq)

Soup Dumplings (Xiao long bao)

Sesame bread

Pan fried noodle Shanghai style

1/2 Beef Tendon in Chili Oil, 1/2 Pork Stomach in Chili Oil.

Peanuts boiled with 5-Spice

Hot Pot. Mild on Right, Spicy on Left

 A few of our Hot Pot ingredients

For the Hot Pot

Yan du xian, soup of salted pork, bamboo shoots and knots of dried tofu.

Yan du xian is # 469 on Mandarin Kitchen's take-away menu

Home style noodles w/seafood and vegetables

Braised Duck (Over braised, as Z1 said, it lost that Ducky flavor)

Z1 dishing up noodles