Gulliver's Lunch



Lunch at Gulliver's with 12 LTHers, burgers were med well and dry, but good enough overall. Pizza was pan, but more like a Lou Malnatis thin. I liked the crust, very Malnati like, and the spicy sausage was good.

G-Force family got a pepperoni (only) pizza, Ron wanted anchovy/spicy sausage/onion and I got onion/garlic/spicy sausage. French Couple (Catherine) had daily special of talipa, she said it would have been good, if not for too much salt.

Decor made my eyes bleed.

Gary, Nr706=Tom, Steve Z, Octarine, CAthy2, CrazyC, Mike G and two kids, the French couple, Brent B, Jesper=Ron