Custom Air Flow High Tech WSM



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Wireless Lighting Device.jpg (70418 bytes)


 Wireless Lighting Device shown with High Tech WSM 


Custom Air Flow2.jpg (94690 bytes) Custom WSM Air Flow represents 50-months of continuous scientific research and 1000-hours of wind tunnel testing.

Brisket in High Tech WSM.jpg (91583 bytes) Left Handed Brisket on High Tech WSM.

High Tech WSM2.jpg (74316 bytes) Take note of airflow enhanced WSM Access Door

Dual Wireless Lighting and Temp.jpg (114896 bytes) Dual Wireless High Tech WSM Devices (Fully integrated system)

High Tech Brisket.jpg (95680 bytes) 12.5-lb High Tech Choice took 9-hours at 270 in H-T WSM (Sand in Brinkman 2-Gal charcoal pan)

High Tech Brisket2.jpg (105953 bytes) High Tech Brisket getting cold while I snap pictures.

High Tech Brisket3.jpg (101905 bytes) No more pictures or there will be a low tech revolt, time to eat.

Legal Notice: Custom Air Flow pattern is patented, as is the Dual Wireless lighting and temperature system.

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