Le Creole image courtesy of Hat Productions. 


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  AnneDougArika.jpg (58164 bytes) Chowhounds Anne, Doug and Arika happy with anticipation.  


Group2.jpg (79144 bytes) Chowhounds at Le Creole                    Ellen2.jpg (71946 bytes) Anne, Doug, Arika, Ellen and Carolyn. 

Da Mayor.jpg (81260 bytes) Mayor of Chicago Chowhound greets his constituents.              Carolyn and Mumon.jpg (78928 bytes) Carolyn and Mumon. 

Peter and Chowhounds.jpg (71073 bytes) ReneG with Chowhounds                            Sue.jpg (90068 bytes) Sue with Table Centerpiece. 

Hammond and Maurice.jpg (88991 bytes) Dave Hammon and Maurice                 MumonAaron.jpg (75827 bytes) Mumon and Aaron. (Image courtesy of Hat Productions)                       

Maurice Pain Patate.jpg (86562 bytes) Our Host with Pain Patate, the first of many delicious dishes. 

  Soup.jpg (61093 bytes) Deliciously rich soup, do I taste marrow? 

EatingSoup.jpg (72966 bytes) Chowhounds enjoying Le Creole's Soup.      BlackRice.jpg (56073 bytes) Flavorful Black Rice with Shrimp to the right. 

Malanga.jpg (69254 bytes) Fried Malanga, crisp, spicy and delicious.       

OxTail.jpg (79017 bytes) Ox Tail. (Image courtesy of Hat Productions) 

ScallopedP and Conch.jpg (43463 bytes) Scalloped Potatoes and Conch.                  Legume.jpg (49086 bytes) Legume

Full Plate Le Creole2.jpg (72435 bytes)  Full plate at Le Creole                         Marie.jpg (71436 bytes) Marie, our kind, patient and efficient waitress. 

Therese.jpg (70823 bytes) Therese, Co-Owner and Master Chef           Yves-CakeBaker.jpg (64809 bytes) Yves, Cake Baker extraordinaire.

ThereseDaughters.jpg (81977 bytes) Kettia, Therese's Daughter and Serena, Kettia's daughter.                        

 oooops.jpg (71786 bytes) Oooooops! Lucky Marie is married to Yves.{Smile}