Chowhounds Weep at Han Bat and The Penguin. 

Han Bat Restaurant
2723 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60625


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Han Bat Soup.jpg (77112 bytes) Sol lung tang, pure milky white bone marrow goodness. (Image courtesy of D Hammond)  

HB Empty Bowl.jpg (80448 bytes) I weep with both joy and sorrow at the fond memory, yet harsh reality, of an empty bowl. 

Tendon3 copy.jpg (100449 bytes) (Seth to Karensa) "No, really, tendon tastes exactly like tofu!" 

HB Group.jpg (87703 bytes)Seth commands our full attention as he interprets the menu; beef bone soup, beef bone soup, or beef bone soup. 

HB Group3.jpg (71999 bytes) Sip, weep, sip, weep, sip, weep..........  HB KimChee.jpg (58409 bytes) Daikon Radish Kim Chee. 

HB Table2.jpg (122002 bytes) Job well done!

The Penguin

  King Penguin.jpg (47161 bytes)  King Penguin hiding from Batman and Robin. Penguin3.jpg (72373 bytes) Ice Cream makes everyone happy!

Kevin's Hamburger Heaven

   Kevin Sign.jpg (51532 bytes)  Kevin's Hamburger Heaven. Kevin Cook.jpg (72994 bytes) Kevin's Chef de Cuisine

Kevins2.jpg (76291 bytes) Burger and fries with a side of hash browns. Hash browns have onion in them, crisp and delicious. 

  ReneG at Kevin.jpg (75008 bytes) ReneG raises a glass to the pure Chowhoundness of finishing the evening at Kevin's.