Chowhound Westernathon 3.8.03

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Westernathon Starting Point         Eager Chowhounds gather at 11am sharp

Seth takes the first bite of the day  Shirley found Jansen's wings surprisingly tasty.

Zim digs into a Green Apple Swirl  The Mayor of Chicago Chowhound, Vital information Greets his constituents.

2nd ChowStop Fox Pizza             The Mayor Congratulates Fox Pizza on a job well done.

Pet Grooming/Beer-Wine Making   Beer and Pet Grooming a great combo.

  Mayor greets BevArt owner.          BJ's for Mustard Catfish             

  BJ's Counter Person                       BJ's Side Dishes                      

  Mustard Catfish at BJ's                 Mayoral Handshake at BJ's      

  Miss Muffet for grits                    Porkee Pork                       

  Noon Sharp (almost)                  Seth nabs a bit from the Mayor       

  Mayoral Scouting Handshake Julia's   Mayoral Westernathon Handshake Julia's   

W of Western on 47th            Birria looks great, too bad it was W of Western.

Western Ave Shrimp House        Zim and Seth enjoy Barbacoa

Mayor at Carniceria El Becerrito    Mexican Windex????????

Zim explores Brazil Legal               Brazil Legal                           

Mayor congratulates Brazil Legal owner on interesting store   Don's Humburger                 

  Fat Johnny's                      Mayoral Handshake at not so Fat Johnny's

Is Seth staging a Mayoral coup at Joe's?

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