Triple Crown
211 W 22nd Place
Chicago, IL 60616

LTHForum dinner for 13 set up by Scott (wlingjpera)

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Duck tongue with XO sauce, Deep fried pork chops with spicy salt

Thai style blue crab

Oyster w/black bean garlic sauce

Deep fried crisp flounder with soy/scallion sauce on the side

Clams w/black bean sauce

Salt and pepper scallops

Chinese ham with jelly fish

Kerensa and Seth

Scott, Charlotte

Charlotte aka Crazy C

SFGirl aka Deborah

Dishes not shown:

Snow pea shoot w/garlic
Baby rib w/black pepper
Triple Crown fried chicken
Shredded duck w/preserved vegetables and noodle (soup)
Seafood combination on crisp rice noodle
Roast meat combination, medium.