T-Day Smoked Turkey Lunch at Salvation Army


38 22-lb Turkeys smoked, 512 people enjoyed.


Turkeys were smoked on Ben Sadler's Klose for the second year in a row.


Merrill, Buzz, Jim, Ben and Claude   Elizabeth, Buzz's extremely sweet daughter.

New pit in the offing for Buzz? <G>       Ben and his cooking partner Claude in action.

Claude and Gary                             Dave on Turkey Duty

Dan keeping warm.       Pigman Jim from Florida in action.

Brad came in from Motor City.     Dave and Son brought Chicago's very own Filbert's soda

Dale starting his Award Winning Chicken, and I will tell you this was some damn good chicken.

Dale about to snack on a rib.  Dale and Ben about 12-hours into the cook.

Dale with an impromptu gathering of neighborhood people for breakfast.

  Pigman Jim and Dale serving breakfast   Dave (Red on a.b.f) with his spare ribs    

Finished spares, really nice.               Spare rib heaven.

Gary w/Andy's Polish Sausage   Gary smoked a few ribs on the WSM

Smoked Baloney.                 Dave's Spares and Dale's Award Winning Chicken.

3am, snack time for everyone.  Merrill and Dale serve. (That's Tommy Bowen BBQ sauce, not ketchup)

Dale in Pied Piper of Uptown mode.  2 of 38  

Turkeys smoking away nicely.           T-Day Turkey Temp

Merrill imported special Turkey Carvers       Turkey Carver in action.

Merrill, Mr. Thanksgiving.   Nancy, Merrill's wife      

   Ben S building a bridge. Ben and his New Friend.

Thanks to Merrill, Nancy, Robert, Katie, Ben S, Claude, Dan S, Brad M, Dave B, Dave's son, John Mickey, Tom, Jim (Pigman) Dale G, RST, G Wiv, Buzz and Elizabeth.