TAC Quick Thai Kitchen

3930 N Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL



Basil Chicken with preserved egg

      BBQ Pork with preserved egg

       Beef organ soup

Brasied Pork

      Crisp fried Fish Maw with shrimp and cashews

Green curry omelet

     Papaya salad with preserved crab

Papaya salad with dried shrimp

Seafood tofu soup

     Raw shrimp with garlic

  Thai fried chicken

Thai menu translated by Erik M

Thai menu translated by Erik M

TAC Thai menu

TAC menu (English)

Cambodian papaya pickle with anchovies and fish paste

Cambodian fish paste condiment

Guatemalan Annato Pastry


Wild Boar Pad Ped

Pork Neck Laap

Thai Fried Chicken