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Impromptu LTHForum.com lunch for 9


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  Beef and Maw Beef w/Mushrooms   Smoked Tea Duck

Whole Fish Jelly Fish with Scallion paste

   Kung Pao Chicken    Lamb with Pure Cumin

  "Hong Tashan" Rabber (rabbit)   "Hong Tashan" Pig's Feet w/Red Pepper

  Shredded chicken in spicy sesame vinaigrette Szechwan String Bean


Zhao Tofu (Stinky tofu)

Tofu Meat Ball in Special steamed pot

Pan fried chicken in red pepper Fried Shrimp and tofu on the stick

Not pictured from dinner with Seth, Kerensa and Steve Z

Scallion cake
Julienne of jelly fish w/scallion paste
Sliced Beef and Maw Szechuan style
Hand Shredded chicken w/spicy sesame vinaigrette

Sula, Zaransky


Sliced Beef and Maw Szechwan Style (# 201)

Hand Shredded Chicken Spicy Sesame Vinaigrette (# 211)

Ribs with Yunnan Style (# 113)

Special Yunnan Rice Noodle Across Bridge (# 101)

Scallion Cake (# 913)

Whole Foods on Roosevelt

11.20.07 Lunch with Daane

Cold Noodle Chengdu Style (# 904)

Kung Pao Chicken (# 506) Ribs with Yunnan Style (# 113)

Tender Tofu Home Style (# 906) (Might be called Tofu Flower, there seems to be some mix up on the menu. Basically fresh tofu with Chinese pickle, crisp soy nuts and chili oil.)
- Scallion Cake (# 913)

P Daane

Ellen, Pigmon, Sula, Juanna, Trixie-Pea

Seaweed. Green Bean, potato, pig ear   Chicken Spicy Sesame

Tofu and okra Salt and Pepper Shrimp Beef and Maw Tofu Flower w/chili broth

Smoked Tea Duck Ribs with Yunnan Style Rice noodle jelly

Mushroom w/chicken Rice Trixie-Pea


Mushroom Hot Pot

9.26.08 Steve Z, Colleen Rush

7.20.09 Alan Lake, Dan Simkowski

4.11.10 w/Steve, Ron R, Pigmon, Alan


Sichuan beef and maw tender spicy delicious, micro long beans, toasty dried pepper spice crunchy, pig ear little heat loaded with cartilaginous goodness, crisp refreshing cucumber, almost tender tripe and a veg that required the patience of a contented cow chewing her cud to properly masticate.

Hot and sour soup, ~shrug~ out of balance, corn starch goopy Chengdu dumplings, ok, not served all that hot


Mapo tofu, Kung po chicken. Kung Po had an odd lightly sweet note, like they said Americans, lets add sugar to the dish. Was still good, especially with the addition of chili oil, but not as good as in the past. 

Mapo tofu, twice cooked pork.





















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