Iron Chef BBQ Bill A's Smoked Corned Beef


Iron Chef BBQ, Bill A, typically cures his own corned beef for smoking, this is his 'easy' smoked commercial corned beef point method.

Click on image for full sized picture.

Commercial Corned Beef Point has been soaked in 5 changes of fresh water over 48-hours

Soaked point has been lightly coated with yellow mustard

Point has been rubbed with freshly cracked pepper/coriander seed in a 2/1 ratio

Point on WSM, full load of lump with hickory and oak chunks.

Point after about 7-hours, spares for 5-hours.

Spare ribs looking good, if not a bit on the tender side.

Hopefully spare ribs will keep me from taste testing the point into oblivion.

Point after 9-hours, seems to have a small piece missing, wonder how that happened?

Tastes even better than it looks.

Point after 11+ hours.

Wrapped in foil, as per Iron Chef BBQ Bill A's instructions.

Ready for an overnight rest in the refrigerator.

Point gently simmering in beef broth until it reaches 165 internal temp.

At the ready.

Damn, this looks really good.

Koop's Horseradish Mustard and smoked corned beef, ummmmmm.

Fresh seeded rye bread.

Just about ready to go.

Do I have enough smoked corned beef on the sandwich?

Ready to eat.

Iron Chef BBQ, Bill A's, smoked point method yielded flavorful, tender smoked corned beef, really excellent. I will most certainly smoke commercial points using this method in the future, but will prepare, at minimum, 4-5 as that would entail almost no additional effort.

While I enjoy the tender texture of Iron Chef BBQ's simmered corned beef, I also enjoy the firm texture of non simmered smoked packer cut corned beef. I now have two arrows in my smoked corned beef quiver, thanks to Iron Chef BBQ, Bill A. Thanks Bill.