Kit Anderson's WSM Direct, Prop the Lid, Method


Today's cook was based on Kit Anderson's, of the SPTSB email list, WSM Direct method. Email interchange describing Kit's WSM technique follows pictures.

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Photo's and cooking by Gary Wiviott

Approximately one Weber chimney of lump to start.     Three small wood splits.

Large, almost 5-lbs, rack of untrimmed spare ribs. With Chicago style hot links

Typically I'd leave whole, but I wanted to center on grate as per Kit's pork butt instructions.

Simple rub                                                               Sausage and Spares ready to go

One lit Weber charcoal chimney added, ring removed, coals evenly spread. One small split added. Small space in middle empty of coals, as per Kit's instructions.

Wood chunk propping up lid.                                     About an hour to hour fifteen into the cook.

Starting to look good.                                                Sausage is ready, time for lunch.

Lunch, sausage potato salad, pickle and a little A B.   Ribs are just about done.

Tips were delicious, crisp on outside, juicy and meaty inside.                                               

  Ribs were excellent. Crisp, caramelized outside, meaty, toothsome inside.

Kit WSM Direct is a method I intend to employ often. Benefits are near perfect outside caramelization, approximating direct pit cooking, and slightly quicker cooking times. Downside is Kit WSM Direct is very hands on, no walking away from WSM for 2-3 hours as with recommended WSM set-up.

Kit Anderson's WSM Direct Method

Thanks again to Kit for the WSM Direct info and, also, all the 'Dr. Bombay' help over the years.


Smoking in Chicago,