Hank Jarrett's Permanent Pit

Pit built by SPTSB list member Hank Jarrett.

Attached are a few pictures taken during a recent cook. (Don't mind my son's
tennis shoes drying on the top.) The pit is located at our farm near
Chatham, Virginia. I built it out of concrete block and a veneer of field

Please click on image for full sized picture.


The cooking pit has a 4' x 4' grill area, with the grill 30" off the
floor of the pit. It has a variable height coal rack which I can raise in 6"
increments, to as little as 6" below the cooking rack. This will allow me to
cook a small, whole pig or as many whole shoulders as I will ever need to do
at one time.

With the adjustable coal rack, I can prepare steaks, chicken,
and roasted corn, as well as plenty of burgers and dogs. It has an attached
fireplace/hearth, with a hole into the pit area which allows additional heat
and smoke to flow into the pit area, if the chimney is damped-off.

Hank Jarrett

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Hank Jarrett