Hyderabad House
2225 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60659

Lunch Gary and Cathy2 10.14.04

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Hyderabad menu

Complete lunch w/two sodas and extra chapati was $13.50. Incredibly reasonable for a delicious lunch.

Lamb biryani with yogurt sauce   Lagan chicken

  Sauce for biryani   Side of fresh veggies 

  One nice looking plate of food. 

  Naseer behind counter   Obligatory pool table

  A passerby tossed a bag full of grain down, pigeons ate it all in about 3-seconds.

   (L) Head chef Bisantae, who hails from Guanajuato, Mexico (R) Naseer, owner of Hyderabad House


   Dahiki Kadi (Curry wheat gluten)

  Melissa G's homemade olive oil/rosemary bread

12.16.09 Lunch with Emily Schuler

Emily, Naseer Visitors from San Francisco (Read about Hyderabad House on LTHForum)

Emily with Wada Naseer 

Wada (L), Idly (R) with chutneys

Chakna, spicy offal stew. (Lamb) Dabel Ka Meetha (sweet bread pudding/bread fried in ghee, soaked in milk with sugar added)

Lagan Chicken, Daal, Mutton Curry