Elephant Thai
Chicago, IL

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Thai Grilled Chicken (Kai Yaang)   Papaya Salad

Chicken Larp was very herbal and minty today. Quite delicious.

Moo Ping (Pork) Grilled pork chop.

   Apinya, aka Ann, holding sticky rice.

Rice flour crepe wrapped around mung bean, topped with fresh shredded coconut, sugar and white and black sesame seeds.

Boat Noodle (Picture by Mike G)


Wall board specials 7.5.05

  Tilapia Pad Cha (Deep fried fish in fresh pepper sauce w/Thai eggplant)

   Two types of Thai eggplant Pea and Globe.

Crab fried rice Thai style w/egg

Off menu Thai grilled pork chop/chicken thigh

Steve Z Duck dinner 7.18.05

Duck Dinner Menu


Duck Soup Duck w/Basil

   Duck on rice with ong choi and preserved ginger

Thai Grilled Chicken

Mango w/Sticky rice

Thirsty Mike G  

Steve Zaransky presents Ann with LTHForum.com Great Neighborhood Restaurant Award


3-Pepper Salmon

Spicy Ong Choi


Ann and Nick

Thai Fried Chicken Northern Pork Stew

Duck Soup

Dessert, pumpkin in coconut milk.


One Bite Salad