Ed's House of Potsticker

LTHForum Holiday Planning Lunch

Black Vinegar w/ginger, Chilie Oil, Peanuts

Cold Appetizer Plate, Pork liver, Brisket, Duck Liver (Not 100% sure about the duck liver)

Cold Shanghai style tofu w/mushroom, walnuts. Northern Style Cold Tofu

Soup Dumplings Ed's House Potstickers Cold Tea Smoked Chicken

Two layer ground beef pancake Smoked pork in pancake w/scallion and hosin

Salt and pepper squid/fish filet Rice noodle with veg and beef

Sea Cucumber and Tendon Chinese Broccoli w/oyster sauce

Fish Fragrant Eggplant aka Garlic Eggplant Steamed Pork Hock in "Brown Sauce" 

Three Treasures, potato, green pepper, eggplant  Fish Ball Soup

Pork Belly, Quail Egg (still slightly runny yoke) in brown sauce Lamb w/cumin on bone

Whole sculpted fish, crisp fried w/lightly sweet sauce.

Ran Ran and Ed