Crawfish Boil 3/2/03

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Getting WSM started.

Snow, what snow?

A few veggies for the Crawfish

Still a little sleepy from the cold.

  Waking up now, these babies are alive and kicking

Crab boil, onions, garlic....for a start.

Ribs are coming along nicely

Crawfish are doing pretty well themselves.

Andy with a couple of pots of crawfish.

Bruce about to have crawfish sushi. <G>

First batch is done.

Wife is not home, so it's paper towel time. <G>

A few slabs of ribs with Blue's Hog.

Andy making short work of the ribs.

Ellen and her sister get home, lucky there is a wee bit left. The two BBQ sauces are Blue's Hog and a batch of Kurt's Jalapeno sauce that Bruce made. We all know the Blue's Hog is great, but I must say Kurt's is really incredible as well.

Picture of Ellen's  sister Rita, they were visiting their mother in the hospital. Yes, that is a second platter of crawfish.

Andy decided to jump in for a few more crawfish

Rita says it beats the hospital food she nabbed off her mother's dinner tray. <G>

Crawfish, corn, red potatoes, asparagus, garlic cloves, artichokes, andouille sausage.

They make short work of the crawfish.

Andy made a delicious banana soufflé for dessert.

Bruce actually eats a salad, will wonders never cease?