Buzz in Wisconsin's Winter WSM

Images and text originally posted on by Buzz  in Wisconsin 2/13/03

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A few butts ready to cook tonight

About 70lb of butts are in the WSM's to cook overnight for serving for a fundraiser tomorrow

It is just above 0F and the cookers are bundled for a long overnight cook

  A few of the butts are coming of the WSM now and they are tasty

5) As long as there is a little windbreak the cold doesn't seem to bother the WSM much-but you do use a little bit more fuel when it is cold.

6) By the time I get them off the cooker they are usually well collapsed but it seems most folks around here like the pork kinda chopped then I put it in a Nesco and LIGHTLY sauce with some of Tommy Bowen’s pork sauce. Just came home (early I know) from fundraiser where my pork was being whacked on buns pretty fast. Ambulance will probably make about 400bucks off my paltry contribution----and I'm happy

Buzz in Wisconsin

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