Kurt, King of Kurtopia's, Achiote Chicken and Red Rice



I made Achiote Chicken and Red Rice from a recipe that Kurt L posted to the BBQ-Porch. Interestingly, while I was making Kurt's, who lives on the Left Coast, recipe, he was at a casino winning thousands of dollars. Looks like we both had a pretty good night.

G Wiv

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Toasting Pasilla pepper.

Lot of prep work for this recipe, but well worth the end result.

Chicken marinating in 2-gal-ziploc

Nice hot WSM no waterpan fire with hickory wood.

Fresh salsa.

  Jalapeno, cilantro and onion from marinade on top.

Chicken coming along nicely.

Almost time to eat.

Kurt's Red Rice recipe was excellent as well.

A few limes and dusting of cilantro and we're all set.

Now that's what I'm Talking about!

4.7-minutes is all it took to make dinner disappear. <smile>

A toast to Kurt and the excellence of his recipes.

Achiote Chicken
Red Rice

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